Mission Statement

Livable Tarrytowns is composed of people dedicated to maintaining, improving and expanding public space in Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown. By drawing upon the ideas, needs, and hopes of those who live and work in the twin villages, Livable Tarrytowns seeks to make more transparent, and to democratize, the processes of planning and development so that they enhance the spaces we share. In a time of persistent socio-economic polarization and growing environmental challenges, the goal is to ensure that sidewalks, streets, parks, and other common spaces are safe and healthy, socially, economically and ecologically resilient, and welcoming to a diverse public, particularly the most vulnerable. The membership thus seeks the making of vibrant places that enable the building of deep and just community, enrich the local ecology, and integrate sites of residence, play, work, and commerce through streets and corridors that are accessible to all and encourage public transit and human-powered mobility. In that spirit, Livable Tarrytowns works with already existing advocacy organizations, village bodies and officials, and other stakeholders.



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